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Coordination of applied research and extension on organic farming in Flanders

CCBT is the 'coordination centre for applied research and extension on organic agriculture' and is part of the 'Strategic Action Plan for Organic Farming' of the Flemish Government.

CCBT aims to coordinate and stimulate research for organic farming in eight applied research stations in Flanders:

One of our cornerstones is to involve farmers in determining the needs of research.

Together with the farmers’ networks and the research stations, research needs are defined and translated into projects.  Much attention is being paid to the translation of the project results into useful and readily applicable information for farmers, via our monthly newsletter, which also gives an updated overview of related research news.

Finished CCBT-projects 2017-2018 (funded from CCBT budget):

  • Optimize organic grazing: take your pasture to the next level
  • Cultivation calendar 2.0
  • Smart conversion to organic for greenhouses
  • Scab control in organic Conference pear production with minimal use of copper
  • Organic raspberry production: suitable varieties and organic planting material
  • Profitable integration of poultry in organic short chain concepts

Finished projects 2015-2016:

  • More digestible intestinal protein for organic livestock
  • Optimalisation N fertilisation Conference pear
  • Growing vegetables on soil covers
  • Control of soil borne pests in greenhouse crops
  • Growing berries in the presence of D. suzukii

Finished projects 2013-2014:

  • Towards an improved protein supply in organic livestock (Inagro in collaboration with Wim Govaerts & co) 
  • Wireworms and leatherjackets in biological fields: understanding the problem and developing biological control strategies (Inagro) 
  • Participatory research on pests and diseases in berries (PCFruit) 
  • The problem of forest bugs in organic pear production, analysis of management actions over several years: opportunities for control in spring and autumn (PCFruit)
  • High quality vegetables from farmer to plate (PCG) 
  • Literature study and on farm evaluation of the nesting behavior and the use of the free range in organic poultry (Poultry Research Farm)

Finished projects 2012-2013:

  • Tackling apple replant disease in organic tree fruit production (Pcfruit)
  • Monitoring soil mineral nitrogen in organic tree fruit production (Pcfruit)
  • Promoting the use of legumes (Inagro) 
  • Sulfur supply for animal, plant and soil in organic farming (Inagro)
  • Optimising the use of polytunnels during the summer (PCG)
  • Herbs against coccidiosis: impact of the lead of growth of the lambs on the later milk production (Wim Govaerts & co cvba)
  • Exploring literature on criteria for a responsible use of the free range in organic poultry (Proefbedrijf Pluimveehouderij)
  • Organic planting material for strawberries (PPK)

Finished projects 2011-2012:

  • Soil exhaustion in organic apple (Pcfruit)
  • Reinforcement of the value of the free range for organic poultry: summary of literature (Proefbedrijf Pluimveehouderij)
  • Lowering of soil-pH in berries - on farm research (PPK)
  • Control of forest bugs (Pentatomidae) in organic pear orchards (Pcfruit)
  • Cultivation of herbs for healthy cows (Inagro)
  • No tillage in Flemish organic farming (Inagro)
  • Weed control in polytunnels. (PCG)
  • Inventarisation of indicators for organic cattle (Wim Govaerts & co cvba)


CCBT and its partners are open and motivated to engage in  international cooperations: to exchange knowledge about organic farming practice, agroecological innovations, participatory research methods,...

or to work together in a project.

More information?
Please contact:
Carmen Landuyt, coordinator CCBT
TEL +32 9 381 86 86
Karreweg 6, 9770 Kruishoutem, Belgium


CCBT is part of the Flemish Organic Research & Knowledge Network (FORK-Network) together with:
Biobedrijfsnetwerken (Organic farmers' networks) 


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